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Dennis W. Trammell, D.M.D., M.S.D.


Dennis loves his work. He loves the transformations accomplished with his orthodontic treatment. He especially enjoys the relationships developed with his patients and their families. Everyday Dennis feels honored to be a part of his patient’s lives while providing the best possible orthodontic care.

Dennis has been practicing orthodontics in Eugene since 1995. Dennis received a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland where he graduated with high academic honors. He also received clinical honors and was named to Omicron Kappa Upsilon, the national dental honor society. He earned a Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) degree and his Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. The orthodontic faculty awarded Dennis the UOP Orthodontic Resident Clinical Excellence award. During his training, Dennis completed original research in clinical orthodontics. This research was published in the Angle Orthodontist a major scientific orthodontic journal. He is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association and the Oregon Dental Association. He has held several elected offices for the Lane County Dental Society and is a former President of the Tri County Orthodontic Research Group, a Portland based study club. Dennis gets together regularly to discuss patient care with his colleagues and his study club. Additionally, Dennis keeps current by routinely attending valuable continuing education courses.

Prior to his professional training, Dennis received his undergraduate education at UCLA and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business/Economics. He subsequently worked as a tax accountant before pursuing his dream of becoming an orthodontist. He moved to Oregon in 1989 and is very happy living in Eugene. Dennis and his wife Amber have a daughter (Evelyn) and a son (Graham). Dennis spends much of his time supporting his children’s activities. He continues to be a proud sponsor and volunteer for several community based projects.






Job Title: Treatment Coordinator
Favorite Condiment: Ranch
Favorite celebrity as a child: Jennifer Aniston
Greatest Invention of our Time: Caramel Reese’s
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: 007
What do you love the sound of? Ocean

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: How he takes the extra effort to get to know his patients.






Job Title: Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistant
Favorite Condiment: Mustard
Favorite celebrity as a child: Patrick Swayze
Greatest Invention of our Time: Cell Phones
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: Impressions
What do you love the sound of? The sound of waves crashing on the warm beach with an umbrella drink.

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: Dr. T is low key, calm and great with the patients.






Job Title: Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistant 
Favorite Condiment:

Favorite celebrity as a child: Smokey Bear
Greatest Invention of our Time: Sports
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: deband/braces off !!
What do you love the sound of? croaking frogs, chirping crickets, whistle of midnight train, rumble of a ski boat engine, the ripple of waves in a river, giggling children, all the sounds of summer.

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: His calm demeanor and gentle interaction with his patients (and his staff), also his devotion to his own family.





Job Title: Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistant
Favorite Condiment: Ranch
Favorite celebrity as a child: Tim McGraw
Greatest Invention of our Time: Movie Streaming
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: Deband (yay!)
What do you love the sound of? My kids laughing

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: He takes his time with each patient






Job Title: Scheduling Coordinator/ Expanded Function Orthodontic Assistant
Favorite Condiment: Siracha
Favorite celebrity as a child: Jim Carey
Greatest Invention of our Time: Bluetooth
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: Deband because everybody lights up when they hear it’s time!
What do you love the sound of? My kids laughing

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: His genuine care for his work, patients and staff.  






Job Title: Scheduling Coordinator
Favorite Condiment: Ranch
Favorite celebrity as a child: Justin Timberlake
Greatest Invention of our Time: Keurig
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: Deband
What do you love the sound of? Rain on a tin roof

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell:  He is patient and kind to all of his staff and patients..






Job Title: Financial Coordinator
Favorite Condiment: Pesto
Favorite celebrity as a child: Olivia Newton-John
Greatest Invention of our Time: Cell phones
Favorite Orthodontic term/word: Braces off!
What do you love the sound of? Rain on my roof, the train whistle in the distance, birds singing, ocean and thunder.

Favorite thing about Dr. Trammell: He really cares about his patients and staff.